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Ian Allan. Panzers at War

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Ian Allan. Panzers at War
Название: Panzers at War.
Автор: A.J. Barker.
Издательство: Ian Allan Publishing.
ISBN: 0711007764.
Язык: английский.
Год: 1978.
Страниц: 146.
Формат: PDF.
Размер: 47.19 МБ.
A photographic and written history of the German Panzer units during World War II. Over 170 photographs. This book shows what it was like to serve in a panzer division, in all theatres of the war in sun and snow, desert and steppe. It also traces the development of German front-line armour through the under-gunned PzKpfw II to the fearsome Tiger - a tank that could take on Shermans single-handed. This is a book for all those who would understand the grim realities of blitzkrieg.
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