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Rigo M. Advanced Graph Theory and Combinatorics

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Rigo M. Advanced Graph Theory and Combinatorics
ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2016. — 281 p. — ISBN: 1848216165
Advanced Graph Theory focuses on some of the main notions arising in graph theory with an emphasis from the very start of the book on the possible applications of the theory and the fruitful links existing with linear algebra. The second part of the book covers basic material related to linear recurrence relations with application to counting and the asymptotic estimate of the rate of growth of a sequence satisfying a recurrence relation.
A First Encounter with Graphs
A Glimpse at Complexity Theory
Hamiltonian Graphs
Topological Sort and Graph Traversals
Building New Graphs from Old Ones
Planar Graphs
Algebraic Graph Theory
Perron–Frobenius Theory
Google’s Page Rank
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