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Valdman Albert. Chez nous: branché sur le monde francophone

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Valdman Albert. Chez nous: branché sur le monde francophone
Pons Cathy, Scullen Mary Ellen, Mueller Katherine, Bouffard Paula.
Pearson Canada Inc., Toronto, Ontario, 2011.— 2e éd.canadienne— 576p.— ISBN 978-0-13-609500-2
Chez nous : branché sur le monde francophone, 2e éd.canadienne is a complete introductory French program designed for use at colleges and universities over two or three terms/semesters, and is suitable for use in accelerated or intensive courses. Using a careful progression from skill-developing to skill-using activities and a mature treatment of francophone culture, the text and its full complement of supplementary materials help students develop listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. In addition, they offer insights into other cultures by exposing students to authentic, contemporary French and encouraging them to express themselves on a variety of topics.
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