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Kosko A. (ed.) The Foundations of Radiocarbon Chronology of Cultures between the Vistula and Dnieper: 3150 - 1850 BC

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Kosko A. (ed.) The Foundations of Radiocarbon Chronology of Cultures between the Vistula and Dnieper: 3150 - 1850 BC
Poznań: Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, 1999. — 304 p. — (Baltic-Pontic Studies, vol. 7). — ISBN 83-86094-06-0.
This volume of the Baltic Pontic Studies focuses on the results of the research carried out so far into the absolute (radiocarbon) chronology of the area lying between the Vistula and Dnieper or the bio-cultural borderland between the West and East of Europe. Absolute chronology is treated here both as a research goal and fundamental premise in the broader studies of the chronometrie and development synchronization of "borderland" cultural systems. In a series of articles devoted to individual taxa a considerable number of new ^"^C dates have been compared. The dates concern source materials that have been chosen from the point of view of their representativeness and chronometrie value ("short-lived" materials were preferred to minimize a potential error). The vast majority of analyses were purposefully made in the same 14C laboratory of the State Scientific Center of Environmental Radiogeochemistry of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kiev taking advantage of funds generously provided by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research.
The volume devoted to the "dark" section of the "borderland" history (3150--1850 BC) is the first but not the last publication on the broader issues mentioned above that we intend to present in the near future.
Editors' foreword
Viktor L Klochko, Aleksander Kosko, Marzena Szmyt, Problem of taxonomic limitations in the of synthesis the history of Baltic-Pontic borderland in 3150-1850 BC
Nikolay N. Kovalyukh, Sergey V, Nazarov, Radiocarbon dating calibration in archeological studies
Vadim V. Skripkin, Nikolay N. Kovalyukh, Radiocarbon ls dating of bone micro-samples
PART 1. The Black Sea basin (chronology of taxonomic units)
Mihailo Y. Videiko, Radiocarbon dating chronology of the late Tripolye culture
Viktor L Klochko, Vladimir A. Kruts, Radiocarbon dates from the Yamnaya culture barrow at the Tripolye culture "Giant settlement" near Talyanky
Alia V. Nikolova, Radiocarbon dates from the graves of the Yamnaya culture at the Ingulets river (the Kirovohrad region)
Alia V. Nikolova, Radiocarbon dating of graves of the Yamnaya and Catacomb cultures on the Dnieper Right bank
Elke Kaiser, Radiocarbon dates from Catacomb graves
Mykola Kryvaltsevich, Nikolay N. Kovalyukh, Radiocarbon dating of the Middle Dnieper culture from Belarus
Viktor L Klochko, Radiocarbon chronology of the early and middle bronze age in the Middle Dnieper region. The Myronivka barrows
Marzena Szmyt, Ivan T. Chernyakov Radiocarbon chronology of "Akkiembetskiy kurgan". A preliminary report
PART II. The Baltic Sea basin (chronology of pontic "Influence")
Aleksander Kosko, Pontic traits in the materials of
the Kujawy Funnel Beaker culture and early Corded Ware culture — a radiocarbon perspective
Marzena Szmyt, Tripolye traits in the materials of central (Polish) group of the Globular Amphora culture — a radiocarbon perspective
Jan Machnik, Radiocarbon chronology of the Corded Ware culture on Grzęda Sokalska. A Middle Dnieper
traits perspective
Vadim L. Lakiza, Radiocarbon dating of the Corded Ware culture from the Niemen River basin. A grave from Parkhuty, Site 1, the Grodna region
Viktor I. Klochko, Aleksander Kosko, Marzena Szmyt, A comparative chronology of the prehistory of the area between the Vistula and Dnieper: 3150-1850 BC
List of Authors
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