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Winstone M. Titanium Alloys at Elevated Temperature: Structural Development and Service Bahvious

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Winstone M. Titanium Alloys at Elevated Temperature: Structural Development and Service Bahvious
IOM Communications Ltd, 2001. — 323 p. — (Microstructure of High Temperature Materials. Number 4) — ISBN 1861251408.
This is the fourth in a series of international conferences on the microstructure of high temperature materials and the first to exclusively focus on the microstructure and properties of titanium alloys.
Keynote Papers
Market Development - The Implications for Research and Development
Titanium Alloys in High Performance Automotive Engine Applications
Modelling Structural Development in the Manufacture of Titanium Alloys
Microstructural Characterisation and Modelling of Ti6Al4V Alloy During Thermomechanical Processing in the b Phase Field
The Useof High Temperature X-Ray Diffractometry to Study Phase Transformations in Ti-6AI-4V
Influence of Strain Parameters on the Deformation Resistance of Ti-6AI-4V Titanium Alloy at 1173-1273K
Mechanical Properties of Closed die Forgings of Ti-6AI-2Mo-2Cr as a Function of Heat Treatment Parameters
Differential Scanning Calorometry Study and Computer Modelling of b =b Transformation in Ti-6AI-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo Alloy
Thermomechanical Processing of Ti alloys: the application of a Novel Technique to Examine Sub-bTransus Isothermal Forging of Ti-6AI-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo
Non-Burning Alloys
Effect oj Pre-Heat-Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-25V-15Cr-2AI (wt%) Alloy
Effect ofj X (Fe, Cr, Co, etc.) on the Morphology and Formation of TiC in TiAlloys with Carbon Additions
Oxidation Behaviour of a New High Temperature Titanium Alloy - Ti40 Bum Resistant Titanium Alloy
Welding of Ti-l0V-2Fe-3AI: a Comparison of Techniques
Residual Stresses, Texture and Microstructure in Electron Beam Welds of 1M! 834
The Microstructure and Superplastic Properties of Mechanically Milled Ti-6AI-4V+ 0.5% Boron
Elevated Temperature Fatigue Crack Growth and Time Dependent Behaviour in Ti-6246
Surface Engineering
Surface Engineering oj TiAlloysfor High Temperature Applications
Surface and Substrate Stability oj Titanium Alloys Used in Aerospace
Modification oj the Microstructure and Properties of Ti-1AI-1Mn Titanium Alloy Due to Nitriding and Oxynitriding under Glow Discharge Conditions
Practical Advice on the Use of Ti-45AI-2-2-XD Gamma Titanium Aluminide
Hot Plastic Flow and Workability Of1-TiAI Based Alloys
Effect of Grain Refinement on Continuous Cooling Phase Transformations in Some TiAI-Based Alloys
Deterioration of Mechanical Properties Caused by Omega Phase in Major Alloyed TiAI-Based Alloys
Prediction of w Phase Formation in Ti-Al-X Alloys
Thermal Processing of an Orthorhombic (Ti2AINb) Based Alloy
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