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Konishi K., Paffuti G. Quantum Mechanics: A New Introduction

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Konishi K., Paffuti G. Quantum Mechanics: A New Introduction
Oxford University Press Inc., New York, USA, 2009. — 799 p. — ISBN: 0199560277
This is a modern, and relatively comprehensive introductory textbook on Quantum Mechanics. It is intended to correct the lack of such a book today, in spite of the ever-increasing importance of the subject in contemporary science, technology, and everyday life. With its clear, pedagogical presentation, and with many examples discussed and problems solved both analytically or with numerical methods, the book is a unique and enjoyable textbook on Quantum Mechanics, useful for physics students, researchers and teachers alike.
Basic quantum mechanics
Quantum mechanical laws
The Schrodinger equation
Angular momentum
Symmetry and statistics
Three"dimensional problems
Some finer points of quantum mechanics
Path integrals
Approximation methods
Perturbation theory
Variational methods
The semi-classical approximation
Time evolution
Metastable states
Electromagnetic interactions
Atoms 405
Elastic scattering theory
Atomic nuclei and elementary particles
Entanglement and Measurement
Quantum entanglement
Probability and measurement
Supplements for Part I
Supplements for Part II
Supplements for Part III
Supplements for Part IV
Mathematical appendices and tables
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