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Liu Y. Advances of Atoms and Molecules in Strong Laser Fields

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Liu Y. Advances of Atoms and Molecules in Strong Laser Fields
World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2016. — 248 p. — ISBN: 9814696382
This volume presents the latest advancements and future perspectives of atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics and its vital role in modern sciences and technologies. The chapters are devoted to a wide range of quantum systems, with an emphasis on the understanding of ionization, high-harmonic generation, molecular orbital imaging and coherent control phenomena originating from light-matter interactions. The book overviews current research landscape and highlight major scientific trends in AMO physics interfacing with interdisciplinary sciences. It may be particularly interesting for young researchers working on establishing their scientific interests and goals.
Long Range Ionic Potential Effect on Strong-Field Tunneling
Photoelectron Interference and Photoelectron Holography
Dissociation of Hydrogen Molecular Ions in Strong Laser Fields
Nonsequential Double Ionization of Atoms in Strong Laser Field
Few-Photon Double Ionization of He and H2
Probing Orbital Symmetry of Molecules Via
High-order Harmonic Generation Driven by Sub-Cycle Shaped Laser Field
Imaging Ultra-fast Molecular Dynamics in Free Electron Laser Field
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