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Elmoataz A., Mammass D., Lezoray O., Nouboud F., Aboutajdine D. (eds.) Image and Signal Processing, ICISP 2012

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Elmoataz A., Mammass D., Lezoray O., Nouboud F., Aboutajdine D. (eds.) Image and Signal Processing, ICISP 2012
Springer, 2012. — 615 p.
5th International Conference, ICISP 2012, Agadir, Morocco, June 28-30, 2012 Proceedings.
ICISP 2012, the International Conference on Image and Signal Processing, was the fifth ICISP conference, and was held in Agadir, Morocco. Historically, ICISP is a conference resulting from the actions of researchers from Canada, France and Morocco. Previous editions of ICISP were held in Trois-Rivières, Quґebec, (Canada 2010), in Cherbourg-Octeville (France, 2008) and in Agadir (Morocco, 2003 and 2001). ICISP 2012 was sponsored by EURASIP (European Association for Image and Signal Processing) and IAPR (International Association for Pattern Recognition).
Multi/Hyperspectral Imaging
Bayesian Image Matting Using Infrared and Color Cues
Salient Pixels and Dimensionality Reduction for Display of Multi/Hyperspectral Images .
SVM and Haralick Features for Classification of High Resolution Satellite Images from Urban Areas
Data Acquisition Enhancement in Shape and Multispectral Color Measurements of 3D Objects
Multi-model Approach for Multicomponent Texture Classification
Simultaneous Multispectral Imaging and Illuminant Estimation Using a Stereo Camera
Multisource Fusion/Classification Using ICM and DSmT with New Decision Rule
Image Filtering and Coding
Text Enhancement by PDE’s Based Methods
Kernel-Based Laplacian Smoothing Method for 3D Mesh Denoising
Embedded Real-Time Video Processing System on FPGA
Edge Preserving Image Fusion Based on Contourlet Transform
Selecting Vision Operators and Fixing Their Optimal Parameters Values Using Reinforcement Learning
A Phase Congruency Based Document Binarization
Porting a H264/AVC Adaptive in Loop Deblocking Filter to a TI DM6437EVM DSP
Signal Processing 1
Methodology for Acoustic Characterization of a Labial Constraint in Speech Production
Performance of OFDM in Radio Mobile Channel
Spatial Correlation Characterization for UWB Indoor Channel Based on Measurements
Nonlinear Blind Source Separation Applied to a Simple Bijective Model
Seismic Signal Discrimination between Earthquakes and Quarry Blasts Using Fuzzy Logic Approach
Signal Processing 2
Ultra Wide-Band Channel Characterization Using Generalized Gamma Distributions
Design of an Antenna Array for GNSS/GPS Network
Blind Separation of Convolutive Mixtures of Non-stationary and Temporally Uncorrelated Sources Based on Joint Diagonalization
Maximizing Network Lifetime through Optimal Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
Evolutionary Spectrum for Random Field and Missing Observations
Iris-Biometric Fuzzy Commitment Schemes under Signal Degradation
Sfax-Miracl Hand Database for Contactless Hand Biometrics Applications
Spiral Cube for Biometric Template Protection
Sparse Representation Based Classification for Face Recognition by k-LiMapS Algorithm
3D Face Recognition Using an Expression Insensitive Dynamic Mask
Score Fusion in Multibiometric Identification Based on Fuzzy Set Theory
Security Analysis of Key Binding Biometric Cryptosystems
Watermarking and Texture
Improved Watermark Extraction Exploiting Undeterminated Source Separation Methods
Texture Analysis for Trabecular Bone X-Ray Images Using Anisotropic Morlet Wavelet and Rґenyi Entropy
Improving of Gesture Recognition Using Multi-hypotheses Object Association
An Improved Images Watermarking Scheme Using FABEMD Decomposition and DCT
A Fragile Watermarking Scheme Based CRC Checksum and Public Key Cryptosystem for RGB Color Image Authentication
Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Interpolation and Prediction for Fractional Brownian Motion
Gabor Filter-Based Texture Features to Archaeological Ceramic Materials Characterization
RGB Color Distribution Analysis Using Volumetric Fractal Dimension
Segmentation and Retieval
Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for Image Thresholding
Dual-Resolution Active Contours Segmentation of Vickers Indentation Images with Shape Prior Initialization
Matching Noisy Outline Contours Using a Descriptor Reduction Approach
Brain MRI Image Segmentation in View of Tumor Detection: Application to Multiple Sclerosis
3D Shape Retrieval Using Bag-of-Feature Method Basing on Local Codebooks
Segmentation of Prostate Using Interactive Finsler Active Contours and Shape Prior
Tracking Moving Objects in Road Traffic Sequences
Eigen Combination of Colour and Texture Informations for Image Segmentation
A Graph Based Approach for Heterogeneous Document Segmentation
Rotation Invariant Fuzzy Shape Contexts Based on Eigenshapes and Fourier Transforms for Efficient Radiological Image Retrieval
Image Processing
A 2D Rigid Point Registration for Satellite Imaging Using Genetic Algorithms
Image Quality Assessment Measure Based on Natural Image Statistics in the Tetrolet Domain
Real Time Door Access Event Detection and Notification in a Reactive Smart Surveillance System
Optical Flow Estimation on Omnidirectional Images: An Adapted Phase Based Method
DWT Based-Approach for Color Image Compression Using Genetic Algorithm
Pattern Recognition
Accelerator-Based Implementation of the Harris Algorithm
Writer Recognition on Arabic Handwritten Documents
Outline Matching of the 2D Shapes Using Extracting XML Data
Texture Classification Based on Lacunarity Descriptors
Real-Time Fall Detection Method Based on Hidden Markov Modelling
Extracting Buildings by Using the Generalized Multi Directional Discrete Radon Transform
Speaker Tracking Using Multi-modal Fusion Framework
New Encoding Algorithm for Distributed Speech Recognition Based on DTFS Transform
Satellite Image Classification Using a Divergence-Based Fuzzy c-Means AlgorithmClassifiers Combination for Arabic Words Recognition: Application to Handwritten Algerian City Names
Robust Arabic Multi-stream Speech Recognition System in Noisy Environment
SVM Based GMM Supervector Speaker Recognition Using LP Residual Signal
Plugin of Recommendation Based on a Hybrid Method for the Ranking of Documents in the E-Learning Platforms
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