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Brauer J.R. Magnetic Actuators and Sensors

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Brauer J.R. Magnetic Actuators and Sensors
New York: Wiley-IEEE, 2014. — 397 p.
A fully updated, easy-to-read guide on magnetic actuators and sensors
The Second Edition of this must-have book for today's engineers includes the latest updates and advances in the field of magnetic actuators and sensors. Magnetic Actuators and Sensors emphasizes computer-aided design techniques—especially magnetic finite element analysis; offers many new sections on topics ranging from magnetic separators to spin valve sensors; and features numerous worked calculations, illustrations, and real-life applications.
To aid readers in building solid, fundamental, theoretical background and design know-how, the book provides in-depth coverage in four parts:
Basic Electromagnetics
Reluctance Method
Finite-Element Method
Magnetic Force
Other Magnetic Performance Parameters
Magnetic Actuators Operated by Direct Current
Magnetic Actuators Operated by Alternating Current
Magnetic Actuator Transient Operation
Hall Effect and Magnetoresistive Sensors
Other Magnetic Sensors
Coil Design and Temperature Calculations
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electromechanical Finite Elements
Electromechanical Analysis Using Systems Models
Coupled Electrohydraulic Analysis Using Systems Models
With access to a support website containing downloadable software data files (including MATLAB data files) for verifying design techniques and analytical methods, Magnetic Actuators and Sensors, Second Edition is an exemplary learning tool for practicing engineers and engineering students involved in the design and application of magnetic actuators and sensors.
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