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Campilho A., Kamel M. (eds.) Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR 2008

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Campilho A., Kamel M. (eds.) Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR 2008
Springer, 2008. — 1146 p.
5th International Conference, ICIAR 2008, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, June 25-27, 2008 Proceedings.
ICIAR 2008, the International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, held in P´ovoa do Varzim, Portugal, June 25–27, was fifth in the ICIAR series of annual conferences alternating between Europe and North America. The original idea of organizing these conferences was to foster the collaboration and exchange between researchers and scientists mainly from Portugal and Canada. However, during the years the conferences became a forum with a strong international participation from many countries around the world. The conference addresses recent advances in theory, methodology and applications of image analysis and recognition.

Invited Papers

DIAR: Advances in Degradation Modeling and Processing.
Analysis for Video Coding: Moving It from the Encoder to the Decoder
Image Restoration and Enhancement
A Fast Scheme for Multiscale Signal Denoising
Color Scratches Removal Using Human Perception
Self-similarity of Images in the Fourier Domain, with Applications to MRI
A Simple Scaling Algorithm Based on Areas Pixels
A New Method for Sharpening Color Images Using Fuzzy Approach
Wavelet Noise Reduction Based on Energy Features
Fast Exact Area Image Upsampling with Natural Biquadratic Histosplines
A New Super-Resolution Algorithm Based on Areas Pixels and the Sampling Theorem of Papoulis.
Image and Video Segmentation
Robust Segmentation Process to Detect Incidents on Highways
Handling Topological Changes in the Topological Active Volumes Model
Image Segmentation Via Iterative Histogram Thresholding and Morphological Features Analysis
Vehicle Detection Based on Color and Edge Information
A Neural Network Approach for Video Object Segmentation in Traffic Surveillance
Non-linear Image Processing
Color Photo Denoising Via Hue, Saturation and Intensity Diffusion.
Examining the Role of Scale in the Context of the Non-Local-Means Filter
Geometrical Multiscale Noise Resistant Method of Edge Detection
A Simple, General Model for the Affine Self-similarity of Images
Image and Video Coding and Encryption
Efficient Bit-Rate Estimation for Mode Decision of H.264/AVC
Introducing a Two Dimensional Measure for Watermarking Capacity in Images
Estimating the Detectability of Small Lesions in High Resolution MR Compressed Images
JPEG Artifact Removal Using Error Distributions of Linear Coefficient Estimates
Efficient Constrained Video Coding for Low Complexity Decoding.
Robust 3D Watermarking Technique Using Eigendecomposition and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Indexing and Retrieval
OntoAlbum: An Ontology Based Digital Photo Management System
Weighted Fuzzy Feature Matching for Region-Based Medical Image Retrieval: Application to Cerebral Hemorrhage Computerized Tomography
Video Retrieval Method Using Non-parametric Based Motion Classification
Computer Vision
A General Algorithm to Recover External Camera Parameters from Pairwise Camera Calibrations
Auto Exposure Control for Multiple-Slope Cameras
Recovery of Surface Normals and Reflectance from Different Lighting Conditions
Real-Time Spherical Videos from a Fast Rotating Camera
Near Real-Time 3D Reconstruction from InIm Video Stream
A Simple Shadow Based Method for Camera Calibration
Monocular Head Pose Estimation
Active Exploration Using Bayesian Models for Multimodal Perception
Performance Considerations for a Real-Time Integral Image Camera in Ray Tracing Environments
Camera Location and Aperture Characterization Using the Transformation between a 2D Plane and the Image Captured by the Camera
Optimization in 3D Scene Acquisition with Two Mobile Robots
Feature Extraction and Classification
Feature Extraction Using Low-Rank Approximations of the Kernel Matrix
Minimizing the Imbalance Problem in Chromatographic Profile Classification with One-Class Classifiers.
Efficient Bisecting k-Medoids and Its Application in Gene Expression Analysis
Feature Extraction for Regression Problems and an Example Application for Pose Estimation of a Face
On the Performance of Stacked Generalization Classifiers
Shape Representation and Matching
Binary Image Registration Using Covariant Gaussian Densities
Shape Matching Using a Novel Warping Distance Measure
Shape Learning with Function-Described Graphs
Mo Músaem Fíorúil: A Web-Based Search and Information Service for Museum Visitors
A Template-Based Shape Representation Technique
From 3D Discrete Surface Skeletons to Curve Skeletons
Object Recognition
Measuring Graph Similarity Using Spectral Geometry
A Method for Blur and Affine Invariant Object Recognition Using Phase-Only Bispectrum
An Algorithm for Binary Contour Objects Representation and Recognition
Planar Shapes Descriptors Based on the Turning Angle Scalogram
Character Recognition
An Automatic Method for Video Character Segmentation
A Database for Arabic Printed Character Recognition
Persian Writer Identification Using Extended Gabor Filter
Text Particles Multi-band Fusion for Robust Text Detection
Finding Arbitrary Shaped Clusters for Character Recognition
Texture and Motion Analysis
Region and Graph-Based Motion Segmentation
Rotationally Invariant Hashing of Median Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
Is Dense Optic Flow Useful to Compute the Fundamental Matrix?
Global Image Feature Extraction Using Slope Pattern Spectra
Discovering Constrained Substructures in Bayesian Trees Using the E.M. Algorithm.
Generalized Least Squares-Based Parametric Motion Estimation Under Non-uniform Illumination Changes
Comparison between 2D and 3D Local Binary Pattern Methods for Characterisation of Three-Dimensional Textures
Texture Dissimilarity Measures for Background Change Detection
Multi-resolution Texture Classification Based on Local Image Orientation
Adaboost Video Tracking
Image Based Visual Servoing: Estimated Image Jacobian by Using Fundamental Matrix vs. Analytic Jacobian
Homography-Based Tracking Control for Mobile Robots
Real Time Eyes Tracking and Classification for Driver Fatigue Detection
Biomedical Image Analysis
A Hybrid Approach for Arabidopsis Root Cell Image Segmentation.
Fuzzy Local Binary Patterns for Ultrasound Texture Characterization
Joint Detection of the Carotid Boundaries in Longitudinal B-Mode Images
Automatic MRI Brain Segmentation with Combined Atlas-Based Classification and Level-Set Approach
Automatic Detection of the Back Valley on Scoliotic Trunk Using Polygonal Surface Curvature
Pharmacokinetic Perfusion Curves Estimation for Liver Tumor Diagnosis from DCE-MRI
3-D Deformation Guided On-Line Modification of Multi-leaf Collimators for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Optic Disc Segmentation by Means of GA-Optimized Topological Active Nets
Automatic Individual Detection and Separation of Multiple Overlapped Nematode Worms Using Skeleton Analysis
Classification and Quantification Based on Image Analysis for Sperm Samples with Uncertain Damaged/Intact Cell Proportions
Detection of Clustered Microcalcifications with SUSAN Edge Detector, Adaptive Contrast Thresholding and Spatial Filters
Subspace Vector Quantization and Markov Modeling for Cell Phase Classification
A Stitching Algorithm for Automatic Registration of Digital Radiographs
The Role of Entropy: Mammogram Analysis
An Enhanced Histogram Matching Approach Using the Retinal Filter’s Compression Function for Illumination Normalization in Face Recognition
Replacement Algorithms for Fingerprint Template Update
Optimal Features Subset Selection Using Genetic Algorithms for Iris Recognition
A Modified Singular Point Detection Algorithm
Fingerprint Image Postprocessing Using Windowing Technique
Face Recognition
Facial Gender Classification Using Shape from Shading and Weighted Principal Geodesic Analysis
Optimization of Face Relevance Maps with Total Classification Error Minimization
The Role of Face Parts in Gender Recognition
Facial Shape Spaces from Surface Normals
A Neural Network Based Cascaded Classifier for Face Detection in Color Images with Complex Background
Kernel Weighted Scatter-Difference-Based Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
Special Session: Recent Advances in Multimodal Biometric Systems
Image Level Fusion Method for Multimodal 2D+3D Face Recognition
Human Lips as Emerging Biometrics Modality
Quality-Based Score Normalization for Audiovisual Person Authentication
Cell Phones Personal Authentication Systems Using Multimodal Biometrics
Similarity Metrics Analysis for Feature Point Based Retinal Authentication
A New Data Normalization Function for Multibiometric Contexts: A Case Study
Evolving Fuzzy Modeling of an Uncalibrated Visual Servoing System
Alternative Methods for Counting Overlapping Grains in Digital Images
Image Affine Inpainting
Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images for the Detection of Rotten Mandarins
FPGA Implementation of Parallel Alpha-Beta Associative Memories
From Narrow to Broad Band Design and Selection in Hyperspectral Images
Computer Vision and Classification Techniques on the Surface Finish Control in Machining Processes
Improving the Border Detection and Image Enhancement Algorithms in Tableau
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