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Aquino C., Gandee T. Front-End Web Development: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

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Aquino C., Gandee T. Front-End Web Development: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
Big Nerd Ranch, 2016. — 497 p. — ISBN 978-0134432571.
Front-end development targets the browser, putting your applications in front of the widest range of users regardless of device or operating system. This guide will give you a solid foundation for creating rich web experiences across platforms.
Focusing on JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5, this book is for programmers with a background in other platforms and developers with previous web experience who need to get up to speed quickly on current tools and best practices.
Each chapter of this book will guide you through essential concepts and APIs as you build a series of applications. You will implement responsive UIs, access remote web services, build applications with Ember.js, and more. You will also debug and test your code with cutting-edge development tools and harness the power of Node.js and the wealth of open-source modules in the npm registry. After working through the step-by-step example projects, you will understand how to build modern websites and web applications.
Table of Contents
Part I. Core Browser Programming
Setting Up Your Development Environment
Setting Up Your First Project
Responsive Layouts with Flexbox
Adaptive Layouts with Media Queries
Handling Events with JavaScript
Visual Effects with CSS
Part II. Modules, Objects, and Forms
Modules, Objects, and Methods
Introduction to Bootstrap
Processing Forms with JavaScript
From Data to DOM
Validating Forms
Deferreds and Promises
Part III. Real-Time Data
Introduction to Node.js
Real-Time Communication with WebSockets
Using ES6 with Babel
ES6, the Adventure Continues
Part IV. Application Architecture
Introduction to MVC and Ember
Routing, Routes, and Models
Models and Data Binding
Data – Adapters, Serializers, and Transforms
Views and Templates
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