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Michaelides E.E., Crowe C.T., Schwarzkopf J.D. (Ed.) Multiphase Flow Handbook

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Michaelides E.E., Crowe C.T., Schwarzkopf J.D. (Ed.) Multiphase Flow Handbook
2nd Edition. — СRС Press, Тауlor & Frаnсis Group, 2017. — 1421 p. — (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series). — ISBN 1498701000.
The Multiphase Flow Handbook, Second Edition is a thoroughly updated and reorganized revision of the late Clayton Crowe’s work, and provides a detailed look at the basic concepts and the wide range of applications in this important area of thermal/fluids engineering. Revised by the new editors, Efstathios E. (Stathis) Michaelides and John D. Schwarzkopf, the new Second Edition begins with two chapters covering fundamental concepts and methods that pertain to all the types and applications of multiphase flow. The remaining chapters cover the applications and engineering systems that are relevant to all the types of multiphase flow and heat transfer. The twenty-one chapters and several sections of the book include the basic science as well as the contemporary engineering and technological applications of multiphase flow in a comprehensive way that is easy to follow and be understood. The editors created a common set of nomenclature that is used throughout the book, allowing readers to easily compare fundamental theory with currently developing concepts and applications. With contributed chapters from sixty-two leading experts around the world, the Multiphase Flow Handbook, Second Edition is an essential reference for all researchers, academics and engineers working with complex thermal and fluid systems.
Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow
Computational Methods
Gas–Liquid Flow in Ducts
Fluid–Solid Flow in Ducts
Compressible Multiphase Flow
Combustion with Particles and Drops
Microgravity Two-Phase Flows
Powder and Granular Flow
Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
Turbulence Interactions
Bubble Dynamics and Cavitation
Aggregation, Collisions, and Breakup
Particle Separation Methods and Systems
Biological Systems and Biomimetics
Fluidized Bed Reactors
Spray Systems
Dispersed Flow in Non-Newtonian Fluids
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