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Children’s book of the War: Diaries 1941-1945

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Children’s book of the War: Diaries 1941-1945
Moscow: Argumenty i fakty, AIF Kind Heart Charitable Foundation, 2016. — 478 p., il. ISBN 978-5-85272-259-1.
This book is a genuine historical document. The journalists of the Russian Weekly Argumenty i fakty have gathered together all the surviving diaries written by Russian children during the Second World War that it has been possible to find, and now, for the first time in seventy years, these diaries have been brought together in a single volume. They are horrifying and honest testimonies of the fate that befell millions of little citizens of the great Russian nation, and of the things they were forced to experience. We have produced this book in order to honour their memory and to preserve these manuscripts for posterity. More than half of the thirty-five diaries included in this collection are published here for the first time.
Foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev
Foreword by Daniel Granin
Leningrad: The Siege:
The Diary of Tanya Savicheva
The Diary of Yura Ryabinkin
The Diary of Tanya Rudykovskaya
The Diary of Lera Igosheva
The Diary of Tanya Vassoevich
The Diary of Galya Zimnitskaya
The Diary of Kapa Voznesenskaya
The Diary of Misha Tikhomirov
The Diary of Marusya Yeryomina
The Diary of Borya Kapranov
The Diary of Lena Mukhina
The Diary of Yura Utekhin
The Diary of Mayya Bubnova
The Diary of Valya Peterson
The Diary of Sasha Morozov
The Diary of Kolya Vasilev
The Diary of Alla Kiselyova
The Diary of Lyuda Ots
The Prisoners: Ghetto and Concentration Camp:
The Diary of Tamara Lazerson
The Diary of Masha Rolnikayte
In the Third Reich: Diaries of the Abducted:
The Diary of Vasya Baranov
The Diary of Liza Veyde
The Diary of Borya Andreev
Face to Face with the Enemy: The Front and Occupation:
The Diary of Roma Kravchenko-Berezhnoy
The Diary of Anya Aratskaya
The Diary of Zoya Khabarova
The Diary of Volodya Borisenko
The Diary of Zhenya Vorobyova
Behind the Line of Fire: The Home Front:
The Diary of Volodya Chivilikhin
The Diary of Kolya Ustinov
The Diary of Natasha Kolesnikova
The Diary of The Timur Squad
The Diary of Alla Rzhevskaya
The Diary of Vladik Berdnikov
The Diary of Sasha Vedin
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