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Lorente J.D.S. (Ed.) Recent Advances on Video Coding

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Lorente J.D.S. (Ed.) Recent Advances on Video Coding
2nd Edition. — ExLi4EvA, 2016. — 408 p. — ISBN: 9533071818
This book is intended to attract the attention of practitioners and researchers from industry and academia interested in challenging paradigms of multimedia video coding, with an emphasis on recent technical developments, cross-disciplinary tools and implementations. Given its instructional purpose, the book also overviews recently published video coding standards such as H.264/AVC and SVC from a simulational standpoint.
Novel rate control schemes and cross-disciplinary tools for the optimization of diverse aspects related to video coding are also addressed in detail, along with implementation architectures specially tailored for video processing and encoding. The book concludes by exposing new advances in semantic video coding. In summary: this book serves as a technically sounding start point for early-stage researchers and developers willing to join leading-edge research on video coding, processing and multimedia transmission.
Tutorials and Review
A Tutorial on H.264/SVC Scalable Video Coding and its Tradeoff between Quality, Coding Efficiency and Performance
Complexity/Performance Analysis of a H.264/AVC Video Encoder
Recent Advances in Region-of-interest Video Coding
Rate Control in Video Coding
Rate Control in Video Coding
Rate-Distortion Analysis for H.264/AVC Video Statistics
Rate Control for Low Delay Video Communication of H.264 Standard
Novel Algorithms and Techniques for Video Coding
Effective Video Encoding in Lossless and Near-lossless Modes
Novel Video Coder Using Multiwavelets
Adaptive Entropy Coder Design Based on the Statistics of Lossless Video Signal
Scheduling and Resource Allocation for SVC Streaming over OFDM Downlink Systems
A Hybrid Error Concealment Technique for H.264/AVC Based on Boundary Distortion Estimation
FEC Recovery Performance for Video Streaming Services Based on H.264/SVC
Line-based Intra Coding for High Quality Video Using H.264/AVC
Swarm Intelligence in Wavelet Based Video Coding
Advanced Implementations of Video Coding Systems
Variable Bit-Depth Processor for 8×8 Transform and Quantization Coding in H.264/AVC
MJPEG2000 Performances Improvement by Markov Models
Semantic-based Video Coding
What Are You Trying to Say? Format-Independent Semantic-Aware Streaming and Delivery
User-aware Video Coding Based on Semantic Video Understanding and Enhancing
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