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Radhakrishnan S. (Ed.) Recent Advances in Image and Video Coding

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Radhakrishnan S. (Ed.) Recent Advances in Image and Video Coding
ExLi4EvA, 2016. — 263 p. — ISBN: 9535127764
This book is intended to attract the attention of practitioners and researchers in academia and industry interested in challenging paradigms of image and video coding algorithms with an emphasis on recent technological developments. This book highlights the current research in the image and video processing area such as image fusion, image segmentation and classification, image compression, machine vision algorithms and video compression.
The entire work available in the book is mainly focusing on researchers who can do quality research in the area of image and video processing and related fields. Each chapter is an independent research which will definitely motivate the young researchers to ponder into. These eleven chapters available in five sections will be an eye-opener for all who are doing systematic research in these fields.
Visually Lossless Perceptual Image Coding Based on Natural- Scene Masking Models
Automatic Adaptive Lossy Compression of Multichannel Remote Sensing Images
Mineral Froth Image Classification and Segmentation
Segmentation of Fuzzy and Touching Cells Based on Modified Minimum Spanning Tree and Concave Point Detection
Approach to Super-Resolution Through the Concept of Multicamera Imaging
Novel Approaches for Regional Multifocus Image Fusion
Artificial Vision for Manufacturing System
Fast Algorithm Designs of Multiple-Mode Discrete Integer Transforms with Cost-Effective and Hardware-Sharing Architectures for Multistandard Video Coding Applications
Implementation of Video Compression Standards in Digital Television
Optimized Scalable Image and Video Transmission for MIMO Wireless Channels
Efficient Coding Tree Unit (CTU) Decision Method for Scalable High-Efficiency Video Coding (SHVC) Encoder
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