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Peters Sharon. On a Roll

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Peters Sharon. On a Roll
A Conversation and Listening Text.
The Potluck.
After Class.
Thursday Night at the Supermarket.
The Laundromat.
The Restaurant.
The Traffic Ticket.
The Bus Stop.
A Place to Rent.
At the Movies.
Fred's Date.
The Part-Time Job.
The Assessment Test.
On a Roll was written for high-intermediate and advanced ESL/EFL students. It is meant to help prepare non-native English speakers to understand and use the rapid, reduced, idiomatic speech heard outside the classroom and the language lab. Educational programs are varied, and so the text's use may vary accordingly. It would be appropriate as a primary text in a conversation class, a supplemental text in a combined skills class, or an individualized text to be used with script tapes in the lab or at home. On a Roll is both situational and contemporary.
The text is non-grammar-based, therefore, its twelve chapters may be followed in any order. A chapter may be chosen because it is relevant to what is being discussed, or because it holds interesting and useful information for the students.
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