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Foster N. 3-D Maps, Geospatial Data and Projections using MATLAB

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Foster N. 3-D Maps, Geospatial Data and Projections using MATLAB
Amazon Digital Services, 2016. — 185 p. — ASIN: B01N3TBVSS.
MATLAB Mapping Toolbox provides tools and utilities for analyzing geographic data and creating map displays. You can import vector and raster data from shapefile, GeoTIFF, SDTS DEM, and other file formats, as well as Web-based data from Web Map Service (WMS) servers. The toolbox lets you customize the imported data by subsetting, trimming, intersecting, adjusting spatial resolution, and applying other methods. Geographic data can be combined with base map layers from multiple sources in a single map display. With function-level access to all key features, you can automate frequent tasks in your geospatial workflow.
Making Three-Dimensional Maps
Shading and Lighting Terrain Maps
Surface Relief Shading
Colored Surface Shaded Relief
Relief Mapping with Light Objects
Draping Data on Elevation Maps
Draping Geoid Heights over Topography
Draping Data over Terrain with Different Gridding
Working with the Globe Display
Displaying a Rotating Globe
Customizing and Printing Maps
Graphic Scales
Thematic Maps
Using Colormaps and Colorbars
Contour Colormaps
Printing Maps to Scale
Manipulating Geospatial Data
Manipulating Vector Geodata
Geographic Interpolation of Vectors
Calculating Polygon Area
Overlaying Polygons with Set Logic
Cutting Polygons at the Date Line
Building Buffer Zones
Data Grids as Logical Variables
Using Map Projections and Coordinate Systems
Cylindrical Projections
Conic Projections
Azimuthal Projections
Projection Aspect
Projection Parameters
Accessing, Computing, and Inverting Map Projection
Creating Web Map Service Maps
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