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Shi F. (Ed.) Reactor and Process Design in Sustainable Energy Technology

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Shi F. (Ed.) Reactor and Process Design in Sustainable Energy Technology
Elsevier, 2014. – 290 p. – ISBN 978-0-444-59566-9.
Reactor Process Design in Sustainable Energy Technology compiles and explains current developments in reactor and process design in sustainable energy technologies, including optimization and scale-up methodologies and numerical methods. Sustainable energy technologies that require more efficient means of converting and utilizing energy can help provide for burgeoning global energy demand while reducing anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy production.
The book, contributed by an international team of academic and industry experts in the field, brings numerous reactor design cases to readers based on their valuable experience from lab R&D scale to industry levels. It is the first to emphasize reactor engineering in sustainable energy technology discussing design. It provides comprehensive tools and information to help engineers and energy professionals learn, design, and specify chemical reactors and processes confidently.
Reactor configurations and design parameters for thermochemical conversion of biomass into fuels, energy, and chemicals
Bioreactor design for algal growth as a sustainable energy source
Design of flow battery
Design and optimization principles of biogas reactors in large scale applications
Pd-Alloy membranes for hydrogen separation
Processes and simulations for solvent-based CO2 capture and syngas cleanup
Chemical-looping processes for fuel-flexible combustion and fuel production
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