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Skalle P. Exercises in Drilling Fluid Engineering

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Skalle P. Exercises in Drilling Fluid Engineering
5th Ed. — Bookboon, 2015. — 112 p. — ISBN 978-87-403-1144-0.
This book presents how to apply fluid mechanics on drilling fluid related challenges and explains the related physics involved and the different engineering approaches. Mud has many functions, the single most important one is to remove the cuttings a) away from under the bit and b) transport them from the bottom to the surface. Viscosity of drilling fluids is not a constant parameter; it varies with shear rate. Pipe, rock bit and annular friction pressure loss has high importance for several tasks. Stable wellbore includes many sub tasks like chemical stability and filtration control.
These exercises have been developed to fit the content of the text book Drilling Fluid Engineering atwww.bookboon.dk. The understanding of the physics and mathematics of the processes has been in focus of both the textbook and the exercises book. Many practical applications have also been created and entered into the collection of exercises. Most of the exercises have been solved and corrected by students in the corresponding course at the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics at NTNU in Trondheim.
Fluid Properties
Rheological models
Drilling fluid dynamics
Hydraulic program
Well challenges
Wellbore problem
Supportive Information
Pump (National 12-P-160) and hydraulic program data
Pressure loss equations
Conversion factors and formulas
Solutions to exercises in drilling fluid engineering
Rheological models
Drilling fluid dynamics
Hydraulic program
Wellbore challenges.
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