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Campilho A., Karray F. (eds.) Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR 2016

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Campilho A., Karray F. (eds.) Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR 2016
Springer, 2016. — 386 p.
13th International Conference, ICIAR 2016 in Memory of Mohamed Kamel. Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, July 13–15, 2016 Proceedings.
The 2016 International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR 2016) along with these proceedings are dedicated to the memory of the founding chair of this conference, the late Mohamed Kamel, University Research Chair Professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Mohamed Kamel passed away peacefully on December 4, 2015. Mohamed was a friend, a research partner, and an enthusiast of this series of conferences, held periodically in Portugal and Canada, and which ran its 13th edition this year. Mohamed’s passing was a great loss to our research community, and during this conference we organized in his honor, a special session dedicated to his memory and entitled: “Advances in Data Analytics and Pattern Recognition with Applications.”
This series of annual conferences offers an opportunity for the participants to interact and present their latest research in theory, methodology, and applications of image analysis and recognition. ICIAR 2016, the International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, was held in Póvoa do Varzim, Portugal, July 13–15, 2016. ICIAR is organized by AIMI—Association for Image and Machine Intelligence—a not-for-profit organization registered in Ontario, Canada.
Advances in Data Analytics and Pattern Recognition with Applications
Adaptation Approaches in Unsupervised Learning: A Survey of the State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
Semi-supervised Dictionary Learning Based on Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion
Transferring and Compressing Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Representations
Efficient Melanoma Detection Using Texture-Based RSurf Features
High-Frequency Spectral Energy Map Estimation Based Gait Analysis System Using a Depth Camera for Pathology Detection
Combining Low-Level Features of Offline Questionnaires for Handwriting Identification
Person Profiling Using Image and Facial Attributes Analyses on Unconstrained Images Retrieved from Online Sources
Palm Print Identification and Verification Using a Genetic-Based Feature Extraction Technique
PCA-Based Face Recognition: Similarity Measures and Number of Eigenvectors
Image Enhancement and Restoration
Sinogram Restoration Using Confidence Maps to Reduce Metal Artifact in Computed Tomography
Enhancement of a Turbulent Degraded Frame Using 2D-DTW Averaging
Denoising Multi-view Images Using Non-local Means with Different Similarity Measures
Image Denoising Using Euler-Lagrange Equations for Function-Valued Mappings
Runtime Performance Enhancement of a Superpixel Based Saliency Detection Model
Total Variation Minimization for Measure-Valued Images with Diffusion Spectrum Imaging as Motivation
Image Quality Assessment
Quality Assessment of Spectral Reproductions: The Camera’s Perspective
An Image Database for Design and Evaluation of Visual Quality Metrics in Synthetic Scenarios
Perceptual Comparison of Multi-exposure High Dynamic Range and Single-Shot Camera RAW Photographs
Objective Image Quality Measures of Degradation in Compressed Natural Images and their Comparison with Subjective Assessments
Image Segmentation
Human Detection Based on Infrared Images in Forestry Environments
Cell Segmentation Using Level Set Methods with a New Variance Term
Video Object Segmentation Based on Superpixel Trajectories
Interactive 3D Segmentation of Lymphatic Valves in Confocal Microscopic Images
Automatic Nonlinear Filtering and Segmentation for Breast Ultrasound Images
Pattern Analysis and Recognition
Phenotypic Integrated Framework for Classification of ADHD Using fMRI
Directional Local Binary Pattern for Texture Analysis
Kernel Likelihood Estimation for Superpixel Image Parsing
Multinomial Sequence Based Estimation Using Contiguous Subsequences of Length Three
Feature Extraction
Rotation Tolerant Hand Pose Recognition Using Aggregation of Gradient Orientations
Extracting Lineage Information from Hand-Drawn Ancient Maps
Evaluation of Stochastic Gradient Descent Methods for Nonlinear Mapping of Hyperspectral Data
Automatic Selection of the Optimal Local Feature Detector
Multiple Object Scene Description for the Visually Impaired Using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks
Detection and Recognition
Effective Comparison Features for Pedestrian Detection
Counting People in Crowded Scenes via Detection and Regression Fusion
Multi-graph Based Salient Object Detection
Analysis of Temporal Coherence in Videos for Action Recognition
Effectiveness of Camouflage Make-Up Patterns Against Face Detection Algorithms
A Comparative Study of Vision-Based Traffic Signs Recognition Methods
A Copy-Move Detection Algorithm Using Binary Gradient Contours
Object Detection and Localization Using Deep Convolutional Networks with Softmax Activation and Multi-class Log Loss
Clustering-Based Abnormal Event Detection: Experimental Comparison for Similarity Measures’ Efficiency
Improved DSP Matching with RPCA for Dense Correspondences
An Approach to Improve Accuracy of Photo–to–Sketch Matching
Motion and Tracking
Bio-inspired Boosting for Moving Objects Segmentation
A Lightweight Face Tracking System for Video Surveillance
Video Based Group Tracking and Management
3D Computer Vision
Calibration of Shared Flat Refractive Stereo Systems
3D Structured Light Scanner on the Smartphone
Stereo and Active-Sensor Data Fusion for Improved Stereo Block Matching
Dense Lightfield Disparity Estimation Using Total Variation Regularization
Target Position and Speed Estimation Using LiDAR
RGB-D Camera Applications
Combining 3D Shape and Color for 3D Object Recognition
Privacy-Preserving Fall Detection in Healthcare Using Shape and Motion Features from Low-Resolution RGB-D Videos
Visual Perception in Robotics
Proprioceptive Visual Tracking of a Humanoid Robot Head Motion
A Hybrid Top-Down Bottom-Up Approach for the Detection of Cuboid Shaped Objects
The Impact of Convergence Cameras in a Stereoscopic System for AUVs
Gender Recognition from Face Images Using a Fusion of SVM Classifiers
Kinship Verification from Faces via Similarity Metric Based Convolutional Neural Network
Combination of Topological and Local Shape Features for Writer’s Gender, Handedness and Age Classification
Hybrid Off-Line Handwritten Signature Verification Based on Artificial Immune Systems and Support Vector Machines
Selection of User-Dependent Cohorts Using Bezier Curve for Person Identification
Biomedical Imaging
Bag of Visual Words Approach for Bleeding Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images
Central Medialness Adaptive Strategy for 3D Lung Nodule Segmentation in Thoracic CT Images
A Self-learning Tumor Segmentation Method on DCE-MRI Images
Morphological Separation of Clustered Nuclei in Histological Images
Fitting of Breast Data Using Free Form Deformation Technique
Domain Adaptive Classification for Compensating Variability in Histopathological Whole Slide Images
Comparison of Flow Cytometry and Image-Based Screening for Cell Cycle Analysis
Brain Imaging
Improving QuickBundles to Extract Anatomically Coherent White Matter Fiber-Bundles
Automatic Rating of Perivascular Spaces in Brain MRI Using Bag of Visual Words
White Matter Fiber-Bundle Analysis Using Non-negative Tensor Factorization
Cardiovascular Image Analysis
A Flexible 2D-3D Parametric Image Registration Algorithm for Cardiac MRI
Sparse-View CT Reconstruction Using Curvelet and TV-Based Regularization
Estimating Ejection Fraction and Left Ventricle Volume Using Deep Convolutional Networks
A Hybrid Model for Extracting the Aortic Valve in 3D Computerized Tomography and Its Application to Calculate a New Calcium Score Index
Image Analysis in Ophthalmology
Automatic Optic Disc and Fovea Detection in Retinal Images Using Super-Elliptical Convergence Index Filters
Age-Related Macular Degeneration Detection and Stage Classification Using Choroidal OCT Images
3D Retinal Vessel Tree Segmentation and Reconstruction with OCT Images
Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Based on Ultimate Elongation Opening
Document Analysis
ISauvola: Improved Sauvola’s Algorithm for Document Image Binarization
Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Words with Dropout Applied in MDLSTM
Direct Unsupervised Text Line Extraction from Colored Historical Manuscript Images Using DCT
Time Series Analysis of Garment Distributions via Street Webcam
Automatic System for Zebrafish Counting in Fish Facility Tanks
A Lightweight Mobile System for Crop Disease Diagnosis
Automatic Cattle Identification Using Graph Matching Based on Local Invariant Features
An Intelligent Vision-Based System Applied to Visual Quality Inspection of Beans
Remembering the ICIAR founding Chair: Mohamed Kamel
Remembering an IEEE Pioneer: Mohamed Kamel
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