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Bräunl T., Feyrer S., Rapf W., Reinhardt M. Parallel Image Processing

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Bräunl T., Feyrer S., Rapf W., Reinhardt M. Parallel Image Processing
Springer, 2001. — 206 p.
This book developed out of a series of publications in the area of image processing with massively parallel algorithms. The topic of image processing is a particularly promising area for the use of synchronous massively parallel or data-parallel computer systems which work according to the SIMD principle (single instruction, multiple data). While the era of large SIMD super-computers has passed, SIMD systems have come back as dedicated vision subsystems and will soon be found even in embedded systems.
In comparison to conventional sequential implementations of basic image operations, this book illustrates the intrinsic parallelism which is almost always present in image processing. By utilising parallel algorithms it is even possible to illustrate operations in a simpler and easier to understand way than for the sequential case.
The presentation method chosen for this book assumes that short, terse excerpts of program code will significantly enhance the understanding of the material, e.g. of image operations, while longer listings are more likely to distract from the topic. For this reason, each chapter will not only define and explain the central image processing algorithms with the help of examples, but will also give an excerpt of a massively parallel program. For image processing this means that at least virtually there should be one processor available for each pixel. The mapping onto a smaller number of existing real processors is done transparently by the compiler, and as such is not of interest here.
All the algorithms implemented in this book were written in the data-parallel programming language Parallaxis. An introduction to Parallaxis III, as well as its complete language definition, is given in the appendix. Programs in Parallaxis can be ported to any data-parallel system, or they can be simulated and debugged on workstations or personal computers. The complete Parallaxis package, i.e., programming environment, language description, documentation, example programs and the parallel image processing library, are public domain software and available free of charge over the Internet: http://www.ee.uwa.edu.au/-braunl/parallaxis
Point Operators
Local Operators
Edge Detection
Morphological Operators
Corner Detection
Hough Transform
Fourier Transform
Texture Recognition
Stereo Image Processing
Analysis of Image Sequences
A: The Parallel Programming Language Parallaxis
B: Parallaxis-III Syntax
C: Programming Tools
D: Vision Library
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