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Onwulata Charles (Ed.) Encapsulated and Powdered Foods

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Onwulata Charles (Ed.) Encapsulated and Powdered Foods
CRC; Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, 2005. — 501 p.
This book broadly touches the following areas:
Fundamental and practical information on importance of food powders to the food industry. It highlights problems associated with the use of food powder, and addresses the difficulties associated with their use in product development.
Characteristics of particulate foods. A discussion of the size, shape, distribution of particles, and the effects of processing on the powder’s chemical and physical properties.
Powder manufacturing processes. Topics on drying technologies, phase transitions during storage, crystallization and glass transition of food powders, and the role of moisture sorption in the development of stickiness are covered.
Blending and segregation of powders. Anin-depth discussion of the basic mechanisms of powder blending, segregation, and practical solutions to powder handling problems.
Characterization of food powders. The effects of powder density, compressibility, hygroscopicity, and moisture content on flowability of bulk powders are discussed.
Functional properties of particular food powders such as milk, cocoa, salts, and sugars, are included. The effect of ingredient composition on powder properties and their applications in food manufacturing are presented.
Creation of specialty ingredients, such as encapsulated powders is discussed. Engineered powders, their measurement, and the impact of form on functionality of spray-dried encapsulated powders containing sensitive constituents are presented. Knowledge of manufacture, handling, and use of encapsulated food powders is provided.
This book is intended as a resource for scientists and technologists who must work with foods as powders, but do not have an in-depth knowledge of particle mechanics, physics, or chemistry that is needed. It is invaluable to those who would like to understand food powders and be able to characterize them and determine the effect of powder form in foods. Moreover, Resources are provided for resolving bulk powder handling issues such as how to break up lumps of powder and prevent bridging in the bin. Encapsulated and Powdered Foods is the result of the effort of the scientists and industry practitioners who have worked with food powders, and their contribution is greatly appreciated.
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