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Han Q., Wei J., Han Q., Zhang H. Dynamics and Vibration Analyses of Gearbox in Wind Turbine

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Han Q., Wei J., Han Q., Zhang H. Dynamics and Vibration Analyses of Gearbox in Wind Turbine
Springer Singapore, 2017. — 164 p. — ISBN 978-981-10-2747-5; 978-981-10-2746-8.
This book explores the dynamics and vibration properties of gearboxes, with a focus on geared rotor systems. It discusses mechanical theories, finite-element based simulations, experimental measurements and vibration signal processing techniques.
It introduces the vibration-resonance calculation method for the geared rotor system in wind turbines and load sharing of the planetary gear train, and offers a method for calculating the vibrations of geared rotor systems under either internal excitations from gear sets or external loads transferred from wind loads. It also defines and elaborates on parameter optimization for planetary gear systems based on the torsional dynamics of wind-turbine geared rotor systems. Moreover, it describes experimental measurements of vibrations on the wind-turbine gearbox performed on the test rig and on site, and analyzes the vibration signals of different testing points, showing them in both time and frequency domains. Lastly, it lists the gear coupling frequencies and fault characteristic frequencies from the vibrations of the gearbox housing.
The technologies and results presented are valuable resources for use in dynamic design, vibration prediction and analysis of gearboxes and geared rotor systems in wind turbines as well as many other machines.
Torsional Dynamics of Gear-Rotor System in Wind Turbine Gearbox
Parameter Optimization for Planetary Gear System Based on Torsional Dynamics
Influence of Unbalance and Misalignment on Load-Sharing Coefficient of Gear-Rotor System Based on Torsional Dynamics
Modal Analyses Based on Whole Gearbox FE Model in Wind Turbine
Vibration Measurements of Wind Turbine Gearbox
Vibration Signal Analyses of Gearbox in Time-Domain, Frequency-Domain, and Time–Frequency Domain
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