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Nagasawa M. Stochastic Processes in Quantum Physics

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Nagasawa M. Stochastic Processes in Quantum Physics
Springer, 2000. — 608 p. — (Monographs in Mathematics, Vol.94) — ISBN: 3764362081
From the reviews: "The text is almost self-contained and requires only an elementary knowledge of probability theory at the graduate level. The book under review is recommended to mathematicians, physicists and graduate students interested in mathematical physics and stochastic processes. Furthermore, some selected chapters can be used as sub-textbooks for advanced courses on stochastic processes, quantum theory and quantum chemistry."
Markov Processes
Time Reversal and Duality
Non-Relativistic Quantum Theory
Stationary Schrodinger Processes
Construction of the Schrodinger Processes
Markov Processes with Jumps
Relativistic Quantum Particles
Stochastic Differential Equations of Pure-Jumps
Variational Principle for Relativistic Quantum Particles
Time Dependent Subordination and Markov Processes with Jumps
Concave Majorants of Levy Processes and the Light Cone
The Locality in Quantum Physics
Micro Statistical Theory
Processes on Open Time Intervals
Creation and Killing of Particles
The Itõ Calculus
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