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Olea R.A. Geostatistics for Engineers and Earth Scientists

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Olea R.A. Geostatistics for Engineers and Earth Scientists
Springer-Science+Business Media, LLC, 1999. — 309 p. — ISBN 978-1-4615-5001-3.
This textbook is an outgrowth of notes that I prepared for engineering students attending my graduate-level course taught at The University of Kansas in the United States. Geostatistics builds upon other disciplines, a command of which is basic for a ready understanding of its concepts. Prerequisite to enrollment in my class is the successful completion of the equivalent of (American) college-level courses in matrix algebra, probability, and statistics. Rather than including a lengthy introductory review of such subjects here, I have decided to require from the readers the same level of understanding expected from my students. Tutorial deficits or memory lapses should be remedied by referring to the abundant literature on these topics.
List of Mathematical Definitions
List of Theorems
List of Corollaries
List of Lemmas
Simple Kriging
Ordinary Kriging
The Semivariogram
Universal Kriging
Drift and Residuals
Stochastic Simulation
Cumulative Distribution Estimators
Block Kriging
Ordinary Cokriging
Regionalized Classification
Appendix A: West Lyons Field Sampling
Appendix B: High Plains Aquifer Sampling
Appendix C: UNCF Sampling
Appendix D: Dakota Aquifer Sampling
Author Index
Subject Index
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