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Dobashi Y., Ochiai H. (eds.) Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis III. Extended and Selected Results from the Symposium MEIS2015

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Dobashi Y., Ochiai H. (eds.) Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis III. Extended and Selected Results from the Symposium MEIS2015
Springer, 2016. — 155 p.
The international symposium “Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis” (MEIS), provides a unique venue where mathematicians, computer graphics (CG) researchers, and those who work in industry gather to share and discuss shared contemporary issues and future collaborative projects. The international symposium MEIS2015 aimed to furnish a venue where various issues in CG application fields could be discussed by mathematicians, CG researchers, and practitioners. Through the previous conferences, MEIS2013 and MEIS2014, mathematicians as well as CG researchers have recognized that CG is a specific and practical activity derived from mathematical theories. Issues found in CG broaden the field of mathematics (and vice versa), and CG visualizes mathematical theories in an aesthetic way.
This volume presents the papers selected from the MEIS2015 proceedings, originally issued as MI Lecture Notes Vol. 64, Kyushu University, 2015. Several invited talks attracted and inspired prospective attendees who work in academia or industries having strong interests in digital media creations, scientific visualization, and visual engineering. This year, we aimed to provoke interdisciplinary research projects through the peer-reviewed paper/poster presentations at the symposium. The topics included geometry, curves and surfaces, fabrication, fluid, interpolation, illusion, texture, visualization, and rendering. We hope readers will find themselves deeply inspired through the harmony of mathematics and graphics research and the industrial work displayed in this volume.
Geometry and Mechanics of Fibers: Some Numerical Models
Tetrisation of Triangular Meshes and Its Application in Shape Blending
A Construction Method for Discrete Constant Negative Gaussian Curvature Surfaces
Fabrication-Aware Geometry Processing
Revisiting Vorticity: Pushing Fluid Solvers to the Next Level
Active Comicing for Freehand Drawing Animation
A Multilayered Model for Artificial Intelligence of Game Characters as Agent Architecture
Visual Media Culture Supported by Illusion of Depth
Wang Tile Modeling of Wall Patterns
High-Resolution Visualization Library for Exascale Supercomputer
Drawing Curves
Aesthetic Design with Log-Aesthetic Curves and Surfaces
Attractive Plane Curves in Differential Geometry
dNLS Flow on Discrete Space Curves
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