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Dictionary of Molinology: English - German - French - Dutch

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Dictionary of Molinology: English - German - French - Dutch
Coutant, Yves et al. eds. 2004. Dictionary of Molinology: English - German - French – Dutch. Ed. 01. Watford: The International Molinological Society.
Mills have a special place in our cultural heritage. With the increasing worldwide interest in the history, technology and preservation of these constructions, driven by wind-, water- or muscle-power, the need has grown for compiling a comprehensive, multilingual survey of their terminology.
The present Dictionary of Molinology in English, German, French and Dutch is an attempt to respond to this need and is designed as a practical research tool for TIMS members and other interested persons. It is also hoped that the realisation of this project, initiated at the TIMS Ninth Symposium in Hungary in 1997, will adequateley fulfil an aim set out long ago at the First Symposium in Portugal in 1965.
In view of the multi-faceted subject matter, the stock of words culled from specialist literature and other sources was deliberateley not restricted to purely technical milling concepts. They have been arranged systematically in ten chapters and divided into numerous sections. The first two chapters deal with basic principles. The following seven chapters cover drive, transmission and operations, which correspond to the classic subdivision of the compound machine – whose prototype is here of course the mill – into motor or engine, transmission or gearing, and working machine. The last chapter is devoted to associated aspects of the miller's craft and trade. This arrangement makes it possible for the user to find related concepts without too much hunting around. The principle of interrelatedness also determines to a large extent the order of the individual entries.
During the time-consuming labour of compilation various limitations became necessary. So, for example, definitions had to be dispensed with and also, with few exceptions, regional terms. Many concepts in one language have no equivalent in the other ones. In those cases a short description or even a blank has had to suffice. For the time being we have had to defer the inclusion of illustrations and of an alphabetical index in the four languages referring to all the material in the systematic chapters.
The present publication of the Dictionary of Molinology in CD-ROM format should therefore be viewed as a first draft; it lays no claim to completeness.
The TIMS Dictionary Working Group wishes to thank all those who have contributed to the project by advice or practical help. They will welcome corrections, additions and comments, leading to an improved and revised edition in due course, from those who use this Dictionary.
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