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Mohamed El-Sharkawi. Fundamentals of Electric Drives

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Mohamed El-Sharkawi. Fundamentals of Electric Drives
Cengage Learning, 2000. — 336 p.
This text fills a need for a textbook that presents the basic topics and fundamental concepts underlying electric machines, power electronics, and electric drives for electrical engineering students at the undergraduate level. Most existing books on electric drives concentrate either on converters and waveform analysis (ignoring mechanical load dynamics), or on motor characteristics (giving short shrift to analysis of converters and controllers). This book provides a complete overview of the subject, at the right level for EE students. The book takes readers through the analysis and design of a complete electric drives system, including coverage of mechanical loads, motors, converters, sensing, and controllers. In addition to serving as a text, this book serves as a useful and practical reference for professional electric drives engineers.
Elements of electric drive systems.
Introduction to solid state devices.
Introduction to solid state switching circuits.
Joint speed-torque characteristics of electric motors and mechanical loads.
Speed-torque characteristics of electric motors.
Speed control of direct current motors.
Speed control of induction motors.
Braking of electric motors.
Braking of dc motors.
Braking of induction motors.
Transient time of electric drives system.
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