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Teo Y.S. Introduction to Quantum-state Estimation

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Teo Y.S. Introduction to Quantum-state Estimation
World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd, 2016. — 396 p. — ISBN: 9814678848
Quantum-state estimation is an important field in quantum information theory that deals with the characterization of states of affairs for quantum sources. This book begins with background formalism in estimation theory to establish the necessary prerequisites. This basic understanding allows us to explore popular likelihood- and entropy-related estimation schemes that are suitable for an introductory survey on the subject. Discussions on practical aspects of quantum-state estimation ensue, with emphasis on the evaluation of tomographic performances for estimation schemes, experimental realizations of quantum measurements and detection of single-mode multi-photon sources. Finally, the concepts of phase-space distribution functions, which compatibly describe these multi-photon sources, are introduced to bridge the gap between discrete and continuous quantum degrees of freedom.
This book is intended to serve as an instructive and self-contained medium for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students to grasp the basics of quantum-state estimation. Any reader with a solid foundation in quantum mechanics, linear algebra and calculus would be able to follow the book comfortably.
Preliminaries of Quantum-State Estimation
Informationally Complete Estimation
Informationally Incomplete Estimation
Practical Aspects of State Estimation
Quasi-Probability Distributions
Further reading Hints to All Problems
Sample Solutions to All Problems
Appendix: Squeezed Coherent States
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