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Schlichting H., Gersten K. Boundary-Layer Theory

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Schlichting H., Gersten K. Boundary-Layer Theory
9th Edition. — Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2017. — 814 p. — ISBN: 9783662529171
There is no doubt that Boundary–Layer Theory by Hermann Schlichting is one of most important books within the sphere of fluid mechanics to appear in the last decade. Shortly before his death, Hermann Schlichting brought out the eighth edition which he revised together with his friend and former colleague Wilhelm Riegels.
According to the tradition of this book, a German edition has always been soon followed by the English translation. I am very grateful to Springer–Verlag for undertaking this version and for securing a translator. My particular thanks go to Katherine Mayes for this excellent translation. In the course of the translation, some errors in the German edition were corrected and a number of additions carried out. In this connection I am very thankful to Prof. Dr. W. Schneider, Vienna, for several suggestions and improvements. I would like to thank Ursula Beitz again for her careful checking of the bibliography. I hope that the English edition will attain the same positive resonance as the ninth German edition.
Fundamentals of Viscous Flows
Some Features of Viscous Flows
Fundamentals of Boundary–Layer Theory
Field Equations for Flows of Newtonian Fluids
General Properties of the Equations of Motion
Exact Solutions of the Navier–Stokes Equations
Laminar Boundary Layers
Boundary–Layer Equations in Plane Flow; Plate Boundary Layer
General Properties and Exact Solutions of the Boundary–Layer Equations for Plane Flows
8. Approximate Methods for Solving the Boundary–Layer Equations for Steady Plane Flows
Thermal Boundary Layers to the Temperature Field
Thermal Boundary Layers with Coupling of the Velocity Field to the Temperature Field
Boundary–Layer Control (Suction/Blowing)
Axisymmetric and Three–Dimensional Boundary Layers
Unsteady Boundary Layers
Extensions to the Prandtl Boundary–Layer Theory
Laminar–Turbulent Transition
Onset of Turbulence (Stability Theory)
Turbulent Boundary Layers
Fundamentals of Turbulent Flows
Internal Flows
Turbulent Boundary Layers to the Temperature Field
Turbulent Boundary Layers with Coupling of the Velocity Field to the Temperature Field
Axisymmetric and Three–Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layers
Unsteady Turbulent Boundary Layers
Turbulent Free Shear Flows
Numerical Methods in Boundary–Layer Theory
Numerical Integration of the Boundary–Layer Equations
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