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Van Tassel George W. The Council of Seven Lights

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Van Tassel George W. The Council of Seven Lights
Los Angeles: DeVorss and Co Publishers, 1958. — 85 p.
The beginning of all creation has the same meaning as the ending of all creation, for all things have always existed and always will exist. Everything anyone has ever been or will ever be, he is now. This is a truth often overlooked in man's search for understanding. He forgets God was all there was, and therefore all there is now or will ever be. George Van Tassell presents in this, his latest work, the middle viewpoint of life, religion, our planet and the spaces beyond. He takes the reader far beyond our atmosphere to give technical data on the lines of energy, the conditions of space. He describes polarity, its positive and negative aspects, and applies theory to fact so the reader can understand every point he makes. Mr. Van Tassel writes that religion and science are the same thing, the only difference being that they are two opposite viewpoints. Just as a wall is a wall regardless of which side one stands on, so are science and religion, life itself. According to Van Tassel, the Bible is an accurate history of events repeating themselves in cycles. He says there are predictions referring to spaceships throughout the Bible, among them the prophecy tat there will be a day when the ships will come to take the people who are ready, leaving those who are not prepared to face the cataclysmic destruction inevitably approaching. Who shall go and who shall stay are described. This book contains an explanation of the reasons certain individuals affect one so strongly on meeting - a violent, unreasoning dislike or a strong attraction without apparent cause. The vortices of the human body are responsible for such reactions, and also explain a person's effect on others. In The Council of Seven Lights, the reader will ind many absorbing facets of knowledge - new data on atmospheric conditions, further information about space ships, and for the searcher who desires more understanding of the greater pattern of life, a philosophy well worth studying.
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