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Mason A., Mukhopadhyay S.C., Jayasundera K.P (eds.) Sensing Technology: Current Status and Future Trends III

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Mason A., Mukhopadhyay S.C., Jayasundera K.P (eds.) Sensing Technology: Current Status and Future Trends III
New York: Springer, 2014. - 430 p.
This book contains a collection of selected works stemming from the 2013 International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST), which was held in Wellington, New Zealand. The purpose of the book is to distill the highlights of the conference, and therefore track the latest developments in sensing technologies. The book contents are broad, since sensors can be applied in many different areas. Therefore the book gives a broad overview of the latest developments, in addition to discussing the process through which researchers go through in order to develop sensors, or related systems, which will become more widespread in the future. The book is written for academic and industry professionals working in the field of sensing, instrumentation and related fields, and is positioned to give a snapshot of the current state of the art in sensing technology, particularly from the applied perspective.
Contents :

Front Matter
Review of the Use of the Optical Fibers for Safety Applications in Tunnels and Car Parks: Pollution Monitoring, Fire and Explosive Gas Detection
Evanescent Wave Absorption Based Fiber-Optic Sensor - Cascading of Bend and Tapered Geometry for Enhanced Sensitivity
Design of High-Resolution Optical Systems for Fast and Accurate Surface Reconstruction
On the Use of Light Sensors and Pattern Recognition Techniques for Automated Detection of Street Lighting Lamps
Cesium Environmental Monitoring System for Assaying Temporal Changes in Atomic Disintegration Products Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Energy-Efficient WSN Systems
Simple Autonomous Active Period Selection Technique for Cluster-Based IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks with Dynamic Network Changes
Exploring Energy Efficiency of Hardware-Architectures for IMU Based Orientation Estimation
The Integrated versus Standalone Operation Mode for Second and Subsequent Fragments Headers Compression Scheme in 6LoWPAN
Wireless Sensor Network Attacks: An Overview and Critical Analysis with Detailed Investigation on Jamming Attack Effects
Learning with Great Care: The Adoption of the Multi-sensor Technology in Education
Detection of Microorganism in Water and Different Food Matrix by Electronic Nose
Pain Sensing in Animals
Moisture Content Estimation of Wet Sand from Free-Space Microwave Techniques
Organic Molecule Based Sensor for Aldehyde Detection
Noncontact Temperature Profiling of Rotating Cylinder by Laser-Ultrasound
Modelling of Sensing Performance of Electrostrictive Capacitive Sensors
Measurements for the Thermodynamic Model of a Pneumatic Muscle Actuator
Coordinate Measurement on Wafer Level – From Single Sensors to Sensor Arrays
Tailoring of Magnetic Properties and GMI Effect of Amorphous Microwires by Annealing
Back Matter
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