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Esteban M., Akiyama T., Chen C., Ikeda I., Mino T. (Eds.) Sustainability Science: Field Methods and Exercises

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Esteban M., Akiyama T., Chen C., Ikeda I., Mino T. (Eds.) Sustainability Science: Field Methods and Exercises
Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2016. — 240 p. — ISBN: 9783319329291
The last couple of decades have seen a fundamental shift in how society perceives it should prepare for the future, giving rise to the discipline of sustainability science. Since the issues we are facing today are highly complex, such as climate change and difficulty in meeting the rising energy demands while not harming the planet, it is important that they are dealt with in an interdependent and holistic manner. Inevitably, this requires academia to undergo a transformation from following a sectionalized approach to the one where different disciplines and fields collaborate together, essentially a transdisciplinary approach.
We hope that the book will serve as a good source of background information for those who wish to conduct field exercises in sustainability science, by illustrating the type of research that is possible, and inspire others to continue to develop conceptual and practical ways of conducting such work.
Theories, Concepts and Methodologies in Sustainability Science
Philosophy of Field Methods in the GPSS-GLI Program: Dealing with Complexity to Achieve Resilience and Sustainable Societies
Global Field Exercises
Designing Field Exercises with the Integral Approach for Sustainability Science: A Case Study of the Heihe River Basin, China
Field Survey Key Informant Interviews in Sustainability Science: Costa Rica’s PES Policy of Changing Focus from Quantity to Quality
Exercises on Resilience
Assessment of Fieldwork Methodologies for Educational Purposes in Sustainability Science: Exercise on Resilience, Tohoku Unit 2015
Drawing Lessons from the Minamata Incident for the General Public: Exercise on Resilience, Minamata Unit AY2014
Sustainability Science Field Research
Sustainability Science as the Next Step in Urban Planning and Design
A Methodology to Evaluate Sustainability in the Face of Complex Dynamics: Implications for Field Studies in Sustainability Science
Sustainability Field Exercises in Rural Areas: Applying the Community Marginalization Framework to Examine Qualitative Changes in Rural Communities
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