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Ishak M. (Ed.) Joining Technologies

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Ishak M. (Ed.) Joining Technologies
ExLi4EvA, 2016. — 283 p. — ISBN-10: 9535125974
Joining and welding are two of the most important processes in manufacturing. These technologies have vastly improved and are now extensively used in numerous industries. This book covers a wide range of topics, from arc welding (GMAW and GTAW), FSW, laser and hybrid welding, and magnetic pulse welding on metal joining to the application of joining technologies for textile products. The analysis of temperature and phase transformation is also incorporated. This book also discusses the issue of dissimilar joint between metal and ceramic, as well as the technology of diffusion bonding.
Introductory Chapter: A Brief Introduction to Joining and Welding
New Approaches to the Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys
A Mesh-Free Solid-Mechanics Approach for Simulating the Friction Stir-Welding Process
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding with Synchronized Magnetic Oscillation
A Comprehensive Model of the Transport Phenomena in Gas Metal Arc Welding
The Analysis of Temporary Temperature Field and Phase Transformations in One-Side Butt-Welded Steel Flats
Laser and Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding
Current Issues and Problems in the Joining of Ceramic to Metal
Diffusion Bonding: Influence of Process Parameters and Material Microstructure
Applying Heat for Joining Textile Materials
Magnetic Pulse Welding: An Innovative Joining Technology for Similar and Dissimilar Metal Pairs
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