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Hoffmann K.-H., Schreiber M. (Eds.) Computational Statistical Physics: From Billiards to Monte Carlo

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Hoffmann K.-H., Schreiber M. (Eds.) Computational Statistical Physics: From Billiards to Monte Carlo
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2002 (2010) — 311 p. — ISBN: 3642075711
In recent years statistical physics has made significant progress as a result of advances in numerical techniques. While good textbooks exist on the general aspects of statistical physics, the numerical methods and the new developments based on large-scale computing are not usually adequately presented. In this book 16 experts describe the application of methods of statistical physics to various areas in physics such as disordered materials, quasicrystals, semiconductors, and also to other areas beyond physics, such as financial markets, game theory, evolution, and traffic planning, in which statistical physics has recently become significant. In this way the universality of the underlying concepts and methods such as fractals, random matrix theory, time series, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, becomes clear. The topics are covered by introductory, tutorial presentations.
Game Theory and Statistical Mechanics
Chaotic Billiards
Combinatorial Optimization and High Dimensional Billiards
The Statistical Physics of Energy Landscapes: From Spin Glasses to Optimization
Optimization of Production Lines by Methods from Statistical Physics
Predicting and Generating Time Series by Neural Networks: An Investigation Using Statistical Physics
Statistical Physics of Cellular Automata Models for Traffic Flow
Michael Schreckenberg, Robert Barlovic, Wolfgang Knospe,
Self-Organized Criticality in Forest-Fire Models
Nonlinear Dynamics of Active Brownian Particles
Financial Time Series and Statistical Mechanics
'Go with the Winners' Simulations
Aperiodicity and Disorder - Do They Playa Role?
Quantum Phase Transitions
Introduction to Energy Level Statistics
Randomness in Optical Spectra of Semiconductor Nanostructures
Characterization of the Metal-Insulator Transition in the Anderson Model of Localization
Percolation, Renormalization and Quantum Hall Transition
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