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Dehmer M., Mowshowitz A., Emmert-Streib F. (Eds.) Advances in Network Complexity

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Dehmer M., Mowshowitz A., Emmert-Streib F. (Eds.) Advances in Network Complexity
Wiley-VCH, 2013. — 307 p. — (Quantitative and Network Biology. Volume 4). — ISBN 352733291X.
A well–balanced overview of mathematical approaches to complex systems ranging from applications in chemistry and ecology to basic research questions on network complexity. Matthias Dehmer, Abbe Mowshowitz, and Frank Emmert–Streib, well–known pioneers in the fi eld, have edited this volume with a view to balancing classical and modern approaches to ensure broad coverage of contemporary research problems. The book is a valuable addition to the literature and a must–have for anyone dealing with network compleaity and complexity issues.
Functional Complexity Based on Topology
Connections Between Artificial Intelligence and Computational Complexity and the Complexity of Graphs
Selection-Based Estimates of Complexity Unravel Some Mechanisms and Selective Pressures Underlying the Evolution of Complexity in Artificial Networks
Three Types of Network Complexity Pyramid
Computational Complexity of Graphs
The Linear Complexity of a Graph
Kirchhoff's Matrix-Tree Theorem Revisited: Counting Spanning Trees with the Quantum Relative Entropy
Dimension Measure for Complex Networks
Information-Based Complexity of Networks
Thermodynamic Depth in Undirected and Directed Networks
Circumscribed Complexity in Ecological Networks
Metros as Biological Systems: Complexity in Small Real-life Networks
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