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Polito V. Macroeconomics

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Polito V. Macroeconomics
London School of Economics, 2011. — 254 p.
Macroeconomics is designed to introduce you to the most influential and compelling theories designed by macroeconomists in order to explain issues related to the determination of output, unemployment and inflation.
Through this course you will acquire a logical and consistent framework for understanding the main macroeconomic facts and events, and develop
the ability to employ the correct macroeconomic tool(s) to explain specific macroeconomic issues and justify policy proposals.
This course is particularly relevant for those of you who want to go on to careers in consulting in both the private and public sectors, public policy, education, journalism, diplomacy, social science and international affairs.
It is also relevant for anyone interested in pursuing advanced study in economics, as well as in related fields such as politics, philosophy and economic history.
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