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Glover Benedict M., Brugada Pedro (Eds.) Clinical Handbook of Cardiac Electrophysiology

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Glover Benedict M., Brugada Pedro (Eds.) Clinical Handbook of Cardiac Electrophysiology
Springer, 2016. — 280 p. — ISBN 331940816X. — ISBN 978-3319408163.
Provides a practical approach to the management of cardiac arrhythmias
Provides a comprehensive overview of cardiac electrophysiology and bridges the gap from basic principle to complex ablations
Ideal for a trainee as there are no assumptions or requirements in terms of baseline knowledge
Contains numerous clinical examples of cases published and clearly labelled in order to assist in teaching
This book provides a detailed summary of all aspects of cardiac electrophysiology, presented in an easy to use handbook. For each arrhythmia the aetiology, classification, clinical presentation, mechanism, and electrophysiology is set up (including precise set up and ablation parameters) and trouble-shooting are presented and demonstrated using interesting images, fluoroscopy images, ECG's and electrograms.
The overall aim of this book is to provide a logical and practical approach to cardiac arrhythmia management. It acts as a useful resource and, importantly, helps to promote this sub-specialty.
This book is aimed at cardiac electrophysiologist's, fellows, cardiologists, physicians, family practitioners, cardiology trainees, students, allied professionals and nurses. Given its succinct summary of electrophysiology is a useful reference guide for the electrophysiology laboratory. It is aimed at an international audience and provides an important guide for those studying for all heart rhythm exams.?
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