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Piperopoulos Georgios P. Control Your Stress & Manage Your Time!

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Piperopoulos Georgios P. Control Your Stress & Manage Your Time!
Bookboon, 2016. — 65 p. — ISBN: 978-87-403-1373-4
This is a fresh innovative diversion from traditional ‘how-to-do it’ books dealing with stress and time. Aimed at today’s professionals, as well as students and members of the general public, overburdened by stress and anxiety and failing to master their time schedules. The book offers a novel, scientifically supported, and unique approach in helping the readers fully understand the nature of stress and anxiety and the concept of time. In its practical contribution the book provides a variety of easy to learn and to apply techniques aimed to help the readers’ ability to successfully control their stress and effectively manage their time. Basically an enjoyable, ‘must’ download and read book.
Control your stress
What is stress?
Our nervous systems and the physiology of stress
Causes of stress
Different types of stress
Symptoms – effects of stress
A brief view of anxiety
A glimpse into type ‘A’ personality
Stress reduction strategy and techniques
Manage your time
Before we discuss...time
Philosophic view of time
Types of time
A ‘thief’ named procrastination
About the Author
Georgios P. Piperopoulos studied sociology and psychology at American, German and Austrian Universities receiving his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees; taught at several American, European and Greek Universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels before retiring from his professorial chair at the Department of Business Administration, The University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.
He has been visiting professor at Newcastle University Business School, U.K. since 2013 and at the MBA program, City College of Thessaloniki, International Faculty of Sheffield University since 2010.
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