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Miller Jason. Is Your Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi?

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Miller Jason. Is Your Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi?
Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2016. — 16 p. — ASIN: B01L4LE4XM
Do you sometimes encounter sudden drops in your Wi-Fi internet connection speed?
It is possible that someone could be messing around with your Wi-Fi. No, one does not need to be a hacker to hack Wi-Fi networks. There are many FREE Wi-Fi hacking software flying around. One such example is "WEPCrack - An 802.11 key breaker".
However, by using this simple guide you can take to take your network security to the next level.
Table of Contents
People Love Free Wi-Fi
How the Hackers Operate
Should You Use A Router Supplied By An ISP?
Access Your Wireless Router
Don’t Tell SSID
Enable Your Encryption
Disable WPS
Turn Off UPnP
Filter MAC Addresses
Stifle the Range
Keep Updated
Find a Manual for Your Router
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