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Brad P. Brad's Fashion Bible: A Turn-key System for Attracting Women With Your Clothing

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Brad P. Brad's Fashion Bible: A Turn-key System for Attracting Women With Your Clothing
Underground Dating Seminar Corp., 2007. — 125 p.
In the book Fashion Bible, Brad P discusses about the importance of fashion in changing the phase of your game. In this book he talks about how the dorkiest guy can become a “Hottie” that women drool over using his “no-fail” system of fashion and style.
Table of Contents
The Science of Fashion
"Turn Ons" and "Turn Offs"
Obstacles on the Inside
Why We Sabotage Ourselves
Playing it Safe in the Schoolyard
"Nice Guy" Programing in the Home
What's So Bad About Being a Nice Guy?
The Nice Guy Look
Nice Guys, Bad Memories
The Nice Approach
Anti-gay Social Programing
Emulating Dad
It Was Good Ten Years Ago
Trying to Just "Be Myself"
Obstacles on the Outside
Elitist Communication Style
The Changing Fashion Signal
Mimicking the High Fashion Signal
Mimicking the Low Fashion Signal
Magazines and Mixed Messages
The 3 Frameworks for Creating Your Look
Framework #1: Normal, Well Dressed
Modeling Movie Stars
Framework #2: Sexy Stereotyping
8 Steps to Sexy Stereotyping
Don't be Too Confusing
How Far Should You Take It?
The Outer Limits
Male to Female Sexy Stereotyping
Attracting "Normal Girls" with Sexy Stereotyping
Myspace Sexy Stereotypes
Framework #3: Pushing the Limits (Advanced)
Speaking to an Elite Audience
Social Impact
The "Ironic" Look
Retro styles
Stereotype Blending
Visual Impact
Expensive Clothes (Label Whore)
Customized Clothing
The Repercussions of the 3 Frameworks
Countdown to sex
The Basics of Fashion
Balance: Showpieces and Supporting Pieces
The Most Essential Pieces of Clothing
Your Hairstyle
Communicating With Your Hairstylist
Enhance Your Hair
Always Look Your Best
Fashion Over Function
What Not to Wear
Daytime verses Nighttime
Training your eye
Geographic Relevance
Understanding Incongruence
Recognizing a Failed Experiment
Being "Good Looking"
Anyone Can Do It
Action Plan
Frequently Asked Questions
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