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Boyer P. Religion Explained. The Human Instincts that Fashion Gods, Spirits and Ancestors

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London, UK: Vintage, 2002. — 272 p. — ISBN 9781407020877.
Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought is a book by cognitive anthropologist Pascal Boyer that discusses the evolutionary psychology of religion and evolutionary origin of religions.
Boyer's multifaceted book explains the genesis of religious concepts through the mind's cognitive inference systems, comparable to pareidolia and perceptions of religious imagery in natural phenomena resulting from face perception processes within the human brain. Boyer supports this naturalistic origin of religion with evidence from many specialized disciplines including biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, cognitive science, linguistics, evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and information processing.
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What is the origin?
What supernatural concepts are like
The kind of mind it takes
Why gods and spirits?
Why do gods and spirits matter?
Why is religion about death?
Why rituals?
Why doctrines, exclusion and violence?
Why belief?
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