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Bourtzis K., Miller T.A. (eds.) Insect Symbiosis

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Bourtzis K., Miller T.A. (eds.) Insect Symbiosis
CRC Press, 2003. — 368 p. — (Contemporary Topics in Entomology Series).
Summarizing current knowledge on symbiotic organisms in the biology of insects, Insect Symbiosis, Volume IIdescribes the diversity of symbiotic bacteria associated with pests such as whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, psyllids, and tsetse flies. The book illustrates how symbiosis research has important ramifications for evolutionary biology, physiology, parasitology, genetics, and animal behavior and is especially relevant to the control of agricultural and disease-carrying pests. In this second volume, a few repeat authors describe brand new aspects of their research, while a new group covers recently developing aspects of symbiotic relationships. The book includes updated information on Wolbachia biology and how it influences insect life, supplies two new examples of using symbionts in crop protection, and discusses the recent "bug in a bug" mealy bug case. The book provides analysis and synthesis of cutting-edge research in insect symbiosis that sheds light on the evolution of the host/symbiont relationship, and in turn, on the general study of evolution, physiology, and genetics.
Insect Symbiosis: An Introduction
Buchnera Bacteria and Other Symbionts of Aphids
Comparative Genomics of Insect Endosymbionts
Symbiosis in Tsetse
Endosymbiosis in the Weevil of the Genus Sitophilus: Genetic, Physiological, and Molecular Interactions among Associated Genomes
Rhodnius prolixus and Its Symbiont, Rhodococcus rhodnii: A Model for Paratransgenic Control of Disease Transmission
Bark Beetle–Fungus Symbioses
Symbiotic Relationships of Tephritids
Symbionts Affecting Termite Behavior
Symbiosis of Microsporidia and Insects
A New Bacterium from the Cytophaga-Flavobacterium-Bacteroides Phylum That Causes Sex-Ratio Distortion
Inherited Microorganisms That Selectively Kill Male Hosts: The Hidden Players of Insect Evolution?
Wolbachia pipientis: Impotent by Association
Cytoplasmic Incompatibility
Parthenogenesis Associated with Wolbachia
Insights into Wolbachia Obligatory Symbiosis
Symbiosis and the Origin of Species
Discovery of Symbiont–Host Horizontal Genome Transfer: A Beetle Carrying Two Bacterial and One Chromosomal Wolbachia Endosymbionts
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