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Cummings M.R. Human Heredity. Principles and Issues

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Cummings M.R. Human Heredity. Principles and Issues
9th edition. — Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning, 2011. — 502 p.
Genetic knowledge and technology is rapidly being transferred to many areas of our society. This transition makes it imperative that the public, elected officials, and policy makers outside the scientific community have a working knowledge of genetics to help shape applications of genetics in our society. Human Heredity is written to transmit the principles of genetics in a straightforward and accessible way, without unnecessary jargon, detail, or the use of anecdotal stories in place of content. Some descriptive chemistry is used aft er an appropriate introduction and definition of terms. In the same vein, no advanced math skills are required to calculate elementary probabilities or to calculate genotype and allele frequencies.
A Perspective on Human Genetics
Cells and Cell Division
Transmission of Genes from Generation to Generation
Pedigree Analysis in Human Genetics
The Inheritance of Complex Traits
Cytogenetics: Karyotypes and Chromosome Aberrations
Development and Sex Determination
The Structure, Replication, and Chromosomal Organization of DNA
Gene Expression and Gene Regulation
From Proteins to Phenotypes
Mutation: The Source of Genetic Variation
Genes and Cancer
An Introduction to Genetic Technology
Biotechnology and Society
Genomes and Genomics
Reproductive Technology, Genetic Testing, and Gene Therapy
Genes and the Immune System
Genetics of Behavior
Population Genetics and Human Evolution
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