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White David, Drummond James, Fuqua Clay. The physiology and biochemistry of prokaryotes

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White David, Drummond James, Fuqua Clay. The physiology and biochemistry of prokaryotes
Fourth edition. — Oxford University Press, 2012. — 696 p.
The fourth edition of The Physiology and Biochemistry of Prokaryotes, designed for use in advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate-level biology courses, provides the most current, authoritative, and relevant presentation of prokaryotic physiology and biochemistry. It presents microbial metabolism in the context of the chemical and physical problems that cells must solve in order to grow. The text is organized by topic rather than by organism, therefore helping students understand the general principles of physiology and metabolism. This new edition builds in comprehensive coverage of energetics. It also adds broad coverage of molecular machinery, applied throughout the text to help create a unifying narrative across biological principles. Also added is broader coverage of chromosomes, macromolecular synthesis, biofilms, and cell–cell communications.
Structure and Function
Growth and Cell Division
Chromosome Replication and Partitioning of Chromosomes
Membrane Bioenergetics: The Proton Potential
Electron Transport
The Regulation of Metabolic Pathways
Bioenergetics in the Cytosol
Central Metabolic Pathways
Metabolism of Lipids, Nucleotides, Amino Acids, and Hydrocarbons
RNA and Protein Synthesis
Cell Wall and Capsule Biosynthesis
Inorganic Metabolism
C1 Metabolism
Responses to Environmental Stress
Solute Transport
Protein Transport and Secretion
Responses to Environmental Cues
Chemotaxis, Photoresponses, Aerotaxis
Microbial Biofilms—Structured Multicellular Assemblies
Cell–Cell Communication Mechanisms
Bacterial Development
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