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Gleason S., Gebre-Egiabher D. (eds.) GNSS Applications and Methods

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Gleason S., Gebre-Egiabher D. (eds.) GNSS Applications and Methods
Boston: Artech House, 2009. - 528 p.
Over the past few years, the growth of GNSS applications has been staggering. And, this trend promises to continue in the foreseeable future. Placing emphasis on applications development, this unique and timely resource offers a highly practical overview of GNSS (global navigation satellite systems), including GPS. The applications presented in the book range from the traditional location and directions…to more exotic areas, such as remote sensing and space weather monitoring. Written by leading experts in the field, the book presents the fundamental underpinnings of GNSS and provides professionals with detailed examples of various GNSS applications. Practitioners also gain keen insight on the integration of GNSS with other signals and sensors. This title includes a CD-ROM! It contains valuable processing tools and data sets to complement many of the applications presented in the book.
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