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Hofmann R. The Thermodynamics of Quantum Yang-Mills Theory: Theory and Applications

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Hofmann R. The Thermodynamics of Quantum Yang-Mills Theory: Theory and Applications
World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd, 2012. — 480 p. — ISBN: 9814329045

This book is the first on the newly emerging subject of quantum Yang-Mills theory that may serve advanced students and researchers learning the thermodynamically-grounded analytic approach to nonperturbative gauge theory, and its applications to a variety of terrestrial and astrophysical systems.
This book's goal is to provide a certain amount of insight into, computational tools for, quantitative results on, and physics applicatio ns of Quantum Yang-Mills theory defined on a four-dimensional flat spacetime continuum. Subjecting the theory to thermodynamics, formulations of effective theories are feasible. Their derivations and evaluations, though partially dependent on numerical methods, app ear to yield a definite picture of the involved physics at a high level of quantita tive accuracy. As a consequence, applications to the real world suggest themselves.
The Classical Yang-Mills Action
The Perturbative Approach at Zero Temperature
Aspects of Finite-Temperature Field Theory
Selfdual Field Configurations
The Deconfining Phase
The Pre confining Phase
The Confining Phase
The Approach of Thermal Lattice Gauge Theory
Black-Body Anomaly
Astrophysical and Cosmological Implications of SU(2)CMB
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