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Ishii T.K. Handbook of Microwave Technology. Volume 2: Applications

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Ishii T.K. Handbook of Microwave Technology. Volume 2: Applications
Academic Press, 1995. — 679 p.
The Handbook of Microwave Technology provides a reference resource for professionals in business and industry as well as science and engineering students. A compact, concise reference, the Volumes contain focused chapters complete with useful formulas, charts, graphs, tables, examples, and diagrams that are clearly explained and easily applicable to practical cases. Volume I: Components and Devices provides a comprehensive overview of the components and devices used in microwave circuits, including microwave transmission lines, resonators, filters, ferrite devices, solid state devices, transistor oscillators and amplifiers, directional couplers, microstripline components, microwave detectors, mixers, converters and harmonic generators, and microwave solid-state switches, phase shifters and attenuators. Volume II: Applications discusses consumer, industrial, biomedical, and chemical applications of microwave technology. It also covers microwave instrumentation and measurement, thermodynamics, and applications in navigation, law enforcement, and radio communication.
Microwave Transmission Lines. P. Pramanick and P. Bhartia.
Microstrip Lines. J. K. Kwon.
Microwave Resonators. Robert A. Strangeway.
Microstrip Line Components. R. K. Hoffmann.
Microstrip Line Components: Suspended-Substrate Technique. U. Bochtler and F. M. Landstorfer.
Microwave Filters. Randall W. Rhea.
Directional Couplers. Stephen Jon Blank and Charles Buntschuh.
Microwave Ferrite Devices. Jerzy Krupka and Wojciech Glogier.
Microwave Solid-State Devices. Cam Nguyen.
Transferred Electron Devices. S. J. Jerome Teng.
Microwave IMPATT Diode Amplifiers and Oscillators. David P. Klemer.
Microwave Transistor Oscillators and Amplifiers. Aksel Kiiss.
Microwave Detectors, Mixers, Converters, and Harmonic Generators. T. Koryu Ishii.
Electron Beam Formation, Focusing, and Collection in Microwave Tubes. Richard True and Applications. T. Koryu Ishii.
Microwave Impedance Matching Techniques. S. N. Prasad.
Further Reading.
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