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Paar H.P. An Introduction to Advanced Quantum Physics

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Paar H.P. An Introduction to Advanced Quantum Physics
John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 2010. – 226 p. – ISBN: 0470686766
This book is intended for undergraduates who take a third and fourth quarter of quantum physics, and thus limits itself to those topics that are absolutely necessary for understanding elementary particle physics and condensed matter. The book consists of two parts: the first part presents radiation theory, scattering, symmetries, relativistic quantum physics, and special topics; the second part presents second quantization, covariant perturbation theory, and simple applications to the weak interaction and quantum electrodynamics.
Relativistic Quantum Physics
Electromagnetic Radiation and Matter
Symmetries and Conservation Laws
Relativistic Quantum Physics
Special Topics
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
Second Quantization of Spin 1/2 and Spin 1 Fields
Covariant Perturbation Theory and Applications
Quantum Electrodynamics
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