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Golio M., Golio J. (ed.) RF and Microwave Applications and Systems (The RF and Microwave Handbook, Second Edition)

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Golio M., Golio J. (ed.) RF and Microwave Applications and Systems (The RF and Microwave Handbook, Second Edition)
CRC Press, 2007. — 696 p.

This volume, RF and Microwave Applications and Systems, includes a wide range of articles that discuss RF and microwave systems used for communication and radar and heating applications. Commercial, avionics, medical, and military applications are addressed. An overview of commercial communications systems is provided. Past, current, and emerging cellular systems, navigation systems, and satellite-based systems are discussed. Specific voice and data commercial systems are investigated more thoroughly in individual chapters that follow. Detailed discussions of military electronics, avionics, and radar (both military and automotive) are provided in separate chapters. A chapter focusing on FR/microwave energy used for therapeutic medicine is also provided.
Systems considerations including thermal, mechanical, reliability, power management, and safety are discussed in separate chapters. Engineering processes are also explored in articles about corporate initiatives, cost modeling, and design reviews. The book closes with a discussion of the underlying physics of electromagnetic propagation and interference.
In addition to new chapters on WiMAX and broadband cable, nearly every existing chapter features extensive updates and several were completely rewritten to reflect the massive changes areas such as radio navigation and electronic warfare.

Introduction to Microwaves and RF. Patrick Fay.
Overview of Microwave Engineering. Mike Golio.
Microwave and RF Product Applications.
Terrestrial and Satellite Mobile Radio Systems. Andy D. Kucar.
Cellular Mobile Telephony. Paul G. Flikkema.
WiMAX RF System and Circuit Challenges. Balvinder S. Bisla.
BroadbandWireless Access: High Rate, Point to Multipoint, Fixed Antenna Systems. Brian Petry.
Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). Jim Paviol, Carl Andren, and John Fakatselis.
IEEE 802.11g Higher Data Rates in the 2.4 GHz Band. Jim Paviol, Al Petrick, and Bob O’Hara.
Wireless Personal Area Network Communications, an Application Overview. Ian C. Gifford.
Analog Fiber-Optic Links. William D. Jemison and Arthur C. Paolella.
Satellite Communications Systems. Ramesh K. Gupta.
Satellite-Based Cellular Communications. Nils V. Jespersen.
Electronics for Defense Applications. Michael J. Biercuk and John C. Zolper.
Microwave and RF Avionics Applications. James L. Bartlett.
ContinuousWave Radar. Samuel O. Piper and James C. Wiltse.
Pulse Radar. Melvin L. Belcher, Jr. and Josh T. Nessmith.
Automotive Radar. Madhu S. Gupta.
Ground Penetrating Radar. Carey M. Rappaport.
New Frontiers for RF/Microwaves in Therapeutic Medicine. Arye Rosen, Harel D. Rosen, and Stuart D. Edwards.
Systems Considerations.
Thermal Analysis and Design of Electronic Systems. Avram Bar-Cohen, Karl J. L. Geisler, and Allan D. Kraus.
Electronic Hardware Reliability. Diganta Das and Michael Pecht.
Safety and Environmental Issues. John M. Osepchuk and Ronald C. Petersen.
Signal Characterization and Modulation Theory. John F. Sevic.
Productivity Initiatives. Mike Golio.
Cost Modeling. Leland M. Farrer.
Engineering Design Review Process. Leland M. Farrer.
Power Supply Management. Brent A. McDonald, George K. Schoneman, and Daniel E. Jenkins.
Low Voltage/Low Power Microwave Electronics. Mike Golio.
Underlying Physics.
Maxwell’s Equations. Nicholas E. Buris.
Wave Propagation in Free Space. Matthew Sadiku and Sudarshan Rao Nelatury.
GuidedWave Propagation and Transmission Lines. W.R. Deal, V. Radisic, Y. Qian, and T. Itoh.
The Effects of Multipath Fading inWireless Communication Systems. Wayne Stark.
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Alfy Riddle.
Appendix. Mathematics, Symbols, and Physical Constants.
Appendix. Microwave Engineering Appendix. John P. Wendler.
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